We provide supporting services to Enterprise IT solutions.

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What we do

Cristie Services provide the expertise to help you and reach maximum business value. Our services are provided by top certified engineers with coveted experience from several midsize and Enterprise companies challenges and environments.


Cristie Services are provided by a cooperation between Cristie Data Gmbh and Cristie Nordic AB, both founded in 1997, specialized in data storage.

We are providing our services in DACH and Nordic region.


Our areas are Data Protection, Archive, Primary Storage and Fast File Transfer and are covered by listed services:

Hear what our customers has to say.

  • “In choosing the IBM and Cristie solution, we decreased the TCO for backups by around 40 percent, a saving that helps us keep our prices competitive.”

    Stefan Ledenstam, CEO, High Performance System

  • “Cristie Solutions helped us switch gears from doing reactive backups to proactive data protection. We can now easily see what’s not working, what’s redundant – and that saves us a lot of time and money for us.”

    Bank and Financial sector

  • "With help from Cristie Services we do now have recovery assurance performing restores in-time to meet SLAs."

    Industry sector

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Cristie Services website is under construction, planned to be fully featured in December 2016. Our services are already supplied to a significant number of companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

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